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The Research and Development Cell is to promote research activities of various Departments in Nehru Arts and Science College. Research Committee is chaired by the Principal with a Research Director and Committee Members. RDC monitors and Evaluates the Candidates admitted for M.Phil./ Ph.D. Research Programmes based on the following criteria.

  • Course Offered
    • Eligibility and Admission of candidates as per University regulations
    • Fee particulars (University/ College)
    • Guiding to obtain Research Fellowships from various sponsoring agencies.
    • Addresses the issues related to Change of Title/Topic/ Supervisor/Co-Supervisor and Research Review
    • Apart from DC meeting, the committee conducted periodic review meetings to monitor the progression of research work
    • Paper presentation in National/International seminar prior to thesis submission is mandatory
    • Publication of the Research work in SCI journals before submission of the thesis.
    • The Research Cell ensures the involvement of Members of Faculty in the activities of sponsored Research, Consultancy and Institution-Industry Interactions.
    • To motivate the Faculty members to write project proposals in basic and applied research.
    • To bring more number of Collaborative Projects.

Fee Particulars

On selection for admission, candidates shall be required to pay the prescribed fee as per the revised fee details 2016 - 17 (College Fee).

Session Fee to be paid on or before
November 30th March every academic year
July 31st November every academic year

The fee has to be paid till the successful completion of the programme and submission of thesis.

  • Attendance system for Research Scholars
    • The Full time research candidates have to be physically present and maintain 75% of attendance to be eligible to submit the thesis.
    • The Part Time research scholars should have a minimum of 30 contact hours per year for the discussion with the guide.
    • Attendance of the full time/part-time research scholars is maintained by the RDF and monitored regularly by the Principal.
    • Research Scholars who requires ON DUTY/ permission for research related work should submit OD letter duly signed by Research Guide and forwarded through HoD & Research Director and Submitted to the Principal. The Research Scholars On duty letters will be maintained in the Research Cell.
    • Any On Duty claimed without proper prior initimation will be considerated as on Leave.
    • A maximum of 7 days at a stretch will be provided as Onduty for reference / work.
    • All Full Time scholars are expected to handle a subject for minimum of 2hrs / week. Guides and Heads concerned shall allot these hours to the scholars and ensure that timetable and classes are handled effectively by scholars.
    • The report of classes handled by the Scholars shall be submitted to Research Cell every week
  • Procedure for Monitoring the Progress of Research Scholars
    • The Research review meeting will be conducted at least once in six months ( half yearly) and the Research Scholar should make presentation of the research progress. The Doctoral Committee would review the progress and give suggestion.
    • All the research scholars must bring the hard copy of the "Research Scholar's Review Form" duly signed by the Supervisor and Co-supervisors
    • A Research Scholar shall submit a brief report of work done by him / her in the prescribed proforma to the Guide and forward the same to Director, RDC at the end of each six- month period. The report should clearly indicate the progress achieved and cover the following points
      (i) Thesis proposal status
      (ii) Course work completion status
      (iii) Schedule of the research work
      (iv) Progress made during period of the report
      (v) Publications / reports if any
      (vi) Problems / difficulty if any
      (vii) Plans for future work
    • The supervisor and co-supervisor also should attend the meeting along with the candidate.
    • The scholar should complete 4 / 6 ( FT / PT ) half yearly Research scholars meet.
    • Failing any one of the above, the candidate will not be permitted to submit the thesis.


Every research scholar shall publish research article in peer reviewed journal with impact factor not less than 1.00 / SCI indexed journal / UGC listed journal. A minimum of 2 articles should be published per year. Of all, 2 research articles should be published in SCI indexed / UGC listed journals.

Approval from RDC is necessary before publishing an research article by the scholar. A copy ( Hard and Soft) of the research article to be published, should be submitted to the RDC for approval. A plagarism report of the same shall be submitted along with.

Participation / Persentation

A minimum of 2 persentation/participation should be done by the scholars in International/ national Conference / Seminar.

Online Course

All scholars are expected to complete on online course especially in Statistaical tools.

    • Ensure to maintain an activity log of the work done by the research scholars. The activity log should be submitted to RDC every month for verification.
    • To maintain the attendance of the scholars.
    • Letter of On Duty for scholars should be forwarded to the RDC through HoD and Principal.
    • To maintain the log of subject handled by the scholars. The same should be approved by the HoD comcerned.
    • Ensure the scholars attend all Research Scholars meetingwithout fail.
    • To inform RDC and Principal, a minimum of a week before the submission of scholar’s M.Phil / Ph.D thesis.

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