Department of Hindi

It is an undisputed fact that in the present day world the importance of Language is Increasing day by day. Almost all the thinkers agree that thought is not possible without Language .The world today faces many a problem which is to be handled with a sympathetic Mind structure. To build such a mind structure the study of Language and Literature is most Essential.


Literature is the best tool to make a human being a real human being .It instills in him Empathy and sympathy towards his fellow beings. It broadens his mind so that he can analyze different kinds of thoughts and ideals. It enables him to assimilate what is good for the mankind. A real reader is a real humanitarian subject to what is offered to him in the name of Literature. As Premchand mentioned in his article ‘Mahajani Sabhyata’ the basic problems faced by human beings are universal in character. They do not belong to any particular country, community or cast. Hence their solution is to be searched universally. In this endeavor Literature whether it is of Malayalam, Hindi and English or of any other language only can help him.


The main aim is to gain communicative competence.


To inculcate a high sense of discipline among the students by producing responsible citizens for the country through the language.

Aims and Objectives of the Program:
  • To make the student a human being in the correct sense of the word.
  • To broaden the outlook of the students and instill in them a sense of confidence and Responsibility.
  • To make them ready to face the present day world of ambiguities and contradictions.
  • To make them understand the society better and ready them to fulfill their duties and Responsibilities towards the society.
  • To train them in the field of translation so that they can use the expertise thus gained to enrich English and Hindi Literature through translation.
  • To channelize their creative writing abilities towards writing in Hindi so as to enable them to Contribute towards Indian Literature.
  • To make them able to communicate in Hindi fluently so that they can perform their duties better when they are in Other states.
  • Excellent result was obtained in the university examinations 100% percent result produced every year.
  • The department association called “chetna” conducted various competitions like Debate, Elocution, Poetry-writing, Caption-writing, Essay-writing, Best translator, On-the-spot, Role play. Class room seminar .
  • Conducted Hindi exhibition on 30thJan 2016. (Survodya day)
  • Hindi Day celebration conducted on 14th Sep 2015.
  • Hindi Students are participated intercollegiate Competition.

Date Name of the School Beneficiary Benefit/ impact on our students
18.07.14 Govt. Middle School, T.M.Palayam 50 Students 1.To teach Vowels and Consonants,
2.Teach Importance of Hindi
3. Teach Spoken Hindi also.
02 03.15 To 6.03.15 Govt. Middle School, T.M.Palayam 50 Students 1. To teach Vowels and Consonants
2. To teach How to speak Hindi
3. To talk about “ Swachh Bharat- swasth Bharat .