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Objective of Choice Based Credit System

All Undergraduate Programmes offered by the University shall be under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). CBCS is introduced with the aim of offering flexibility in the choice of courses to the students.

  • Objectives of the Choice Based Credit System:
    • To facilitate the students to have greater flexibility in their choice of courses.
    • To widen the spectrum of knowledge of students by means of Core, Allied, Project/Electives, Value Education, Environmental Studies and Skill Based Subjects.
    • To revamp the curriculum, to impart entrepreneurial skills and placement potentials qualities.
    • To incorporate need based knowledge in tune with the location and neighborhood of the institution.
    • To allocate credit points to each paper of the study based on the weight age of the contact hours, content and quality.
    • To extend opportunities to fast learners in order to earn additional credit from advanced as well as additional courses.
    • To maintain the total credit points of each programme on par with international standards.
    • To assess the performance of students in terms of Marks & Credit points
    • Each department will offer not less than 3 papers under Extra Credit System. The papers are job oriented. The respective department will offer guidance outside the working hours. Students can choose any number from III semester onwards.
    • Each student should undergo one Value Added Course in the III Semester which will be offered by an Industry. It enhances their professional skills in core areas.
    • Each student should undergo one Extra Departmental Course in the IV Semester which will be offered by other departments. This helps the students to improve their skills in their area of interest.

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