Computer Facilities:

There is an IT Unit under the control of System Administrator. Our College has 11 Computer Science Laboratories with 588 systems (05 Computer laboratories for Computer Science and Applications Department and 06 laboratories for others courses in common) for various Computer Oriented Programmes. There is a Server (HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Hot Plug 8 SFF, HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Hot Plug 6 LFF) for proper functioning of e-Campus. All the Computers in the laboratories are connected with the LAN. The College has 02 Smart boards, 32 LCD Projectors, 05 Scanners and 43 Printers to facilitate teaching-learning process. Language Laboratory is provided with all accessories to learn Phonetics, Accent practice, stress and pause Intonations, Modulation, Grammar etc. Computers with Internet Connectivity are provided to all the Departments.

The System Administrator also takes care of Biometric Machines, Barcode Machines and CCTV cameras. Technicians are available to address the issues related to Computer Systems and Printers.

  • Biometric System: The Attendance of the Staff is recorded by means of the Biometric System. There are 2 Biometric Systems installed.
  • Bar-coding mechanism: Library Entrance and Exit is done with the support of Barcode Scanner.
  • CCTV Cameras: There are 57 CCTV cameras in Block A, 14 in Block B, 06 in Block C and 04 in Main Gate installed with recording facility, at specific junctions as a security measure for surveillance.
  • Trained Security Officers in the College and Hostel Gates take the responsibility of keen surveillance before permitting outsiders. Hostellers are permitted to go out of the campus with prior permission from the wardens. A gate register maintained in the College gate helps in monitoring the movements in and out of the College. Visitors are permitted to enter the Campus only with the gate pass. The College and hostel gates are under surveillance.