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Nehru Arts and Science College has planned to initiate the Nehru Centre for Women Excellence with the aim of providing various training , awareness and life guiding programme to the female students and rural and urban women to compete with the compettive world. The centre has various plans to elevate the life style and social status of women. Other women related committees such as Sexual Harassment, Women Empowerment and Grievance Redressal. functioning in the college will come under the purview of Nehru Centre for Women Excellence after its implementaion.


To attain the empowerment of women through deligent training and development programme to tap their potentials and make them to improve their life style and social status


Educate women to realise their strength and exhibit their multi dimentaional role to create a more equal world.

Encourage the women to provide formidable effort to reach out the society to bridge the inqualities that confront women today.


To reach out to rural women in order to enhance their status through skill training and to bring out their potentialities through productive entrepreneurship services to the rural and marginalized Women.

To promote Women in Development realizing their career goals, leadership qualities and to choose proper effective life options.

To advocate women's issues and outreach programmes for women's empowerment and to provide an access to the socio-economic safety nets.

To develop partnership and networking with civil society, women's organizations at the grass root level, private sector agencies and Government machinery for bringing visibility to women's issues

To sensitize women for playing a more committed and meaningful role in the overall development of women and children.

To offer value oriented courses to the female students which will definitely improve their decision making


The rural women in and around Coimbatore and Palakad district will definitely benefitted from the services of NCWE. It will serve a milestone in the life of the people who got services of NCWE. At least 5 to 10 people become entrepreneurs for every three months once.

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Reaccrediated BY NAAC with "A" Grade.Affliated to bharathiar university

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