One day workshop on “Conventional PCR Techniques” took place on 27.06.2018 at PG Biotechnology Laboratory. The training team arrived at the venue one day before, on 1 September 2009, in order to meet for fine-tuning of the agenda and coordination of facilitation. The members of the training team were Mr. D. Selvaraman, RSM and Mr. Kooteswaran, Executive Technician from Hi-Meida labs. The training team agreed a draft agenda prior to the training-workshop which was approved by the participants, as follows:

    • Introduction to Molecular Biology and Nucleic Acid extraction (DNA/RNA) methods
    • DNA Isolation
    • DNA Quantification, dilution and calculations
    • DNA Quantification methods and calculations
    • PCR-Introduction, principle, types and calculations
    • PCR calculations, Master mix preparation, PCR setup and programming
    • Agarose gel electrophoresis
    • Trouble shooting PCR and Discussion
    • Results and Interpretation
    • Assessment and Concluding Session

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. B. Anirudhan, Principal, Nehru Arts and Science College, Coimbatore said “With the workshop, there is a strong need of hands on training in this highly technological world. Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan, HoD, Biotechnology delivered a brief lecture on “Different types of PCR and its importance”. The workshop was jointly organized by Department of Biotechnology and Hi-Media labs. The training-workshop was attended by 14 II M. Sc. Biotechnology, 10 III B. Sc. Biotechnology and 10 II M. Sc. Microbiology students. Kooteswaran, Executive Technician, Hi-Media labs has delivered lecture on “Conventional PCR techniques” in detail and given demonstration. All the participants were prepared PCR reaction mixture, programmed PCR, amplified DNA and confirmed amplified DNA through Agarose gel electrophoresis during the workshop. Total of 34 students from the Department of Bioscience were benefited.

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